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  • BabyActive

    Manufacturer of Baby Prams and Travel systems. Twin and Triplet Prams. Single buggies. 

  • Babymoov

    Founded in 1997 in France, its objective was improving the health and well-being of both parents and their little ones through strategic use of pioneering innovative, technology led baby products.

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  • BabyOno

    Since 1990, BabyOno has been supporting parents in the process of childrearing by providing them with products that are necessary for children's growth and development.

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  • Babyzen

    BABYZEN™ was founded by a group of five French individuals who were thinking: "Why should we continue carrying children in strollers that are bulky, unpractical, and so poor-looking?"

    So here's our challenge: let's start from a blank sheet and imagine the next generation of strollers…

    The ZEN full-size stroller with all-in-one carrycot, and the YOYO lightweight stroller, are all born from this ambition.

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  • Braun

    Braun ‘Designed to Make a Difference,’ is the number 1 trusted brand by doctors (according to an IPSOS study) and associated with accuracy, design, reliability, engineering and innovation. Such Professional confidence has aided the brand’s credibility as it has experienced huge success with its baby and child friendly thermometers that parents trust and depend on. The Germany brand was established in 1921 by Max Braun and currently employs approximately 4,000 people and operates 2 European and 1 Chinese production plant.

    From the quick reading ‘No Touch Forehead Thermometers’ that gives a reading in less than 2 seconds (from up to 5cm away from baby), to the comprehensive reading ‘Age Precision Digital Stick’, that allow parents to input the baby’s age for more accurate results, Braun provides a variety of thermometer functionality and detail at a range of price points. These quality baby and toddler thermometers form an essential part of the baby products. A spokesperson at Braun says, ‘Our goal is to design our products with details that make a difference in people’s lives.’

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  • ByKay

    Over the years, dedicated mum of Kay Poelen developed her very own fun style of natural parenting. Early on, she discovered the many advantages of using a baby carrier: skin contact, security, a practical way to have your child close while keeping your hands free.

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  • East Coast

    The East Coast Group was established in 1960 in the UK manufacturing of plastics and expanded with application of their distinction in high quality plastics to baby changing mats and highchair insert cushions. In recent years they have acquired the licences of nursery favourites: Fisher-Price, Tiny Tatty Teddy and The Very Hungry Caterpillar; catapulting sales in these categories. The Company’s success led to the formation of the East Coast Nursery division, which still operates from the original site in Norfolk, UK and is managed by the same family.

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  • EasyGo

    EasyGo Manufacturer. Car seats, Prams and Pushchairs, Travel Systems, Balance Bikes.

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  • Euro-Cart

    Euro-Cart Manufacturer.

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  • Expander

    Expander Manufacturer. Mondo Blackline, Mondo Ecco, Mondo Greyline, Essence.

  • Fisher-Price

    Since its creation, the Company has produced approximately 5,000 different toys. It started with wooden toys in the 1930s and progressed to plastic toys in the 1950s when the advantages of durability and ability to produce brighter coloured, detailed toys became apparent. The last decade has seen an increase in the toys incorporating electronic parts producing moving toys and pre-school gadgets such as phones and tablets. Throughout, its toys have maintained their whimsical nature, aimed to fascinate, develop, enrich and stimulate a child's imagination.

    In 1993, Mattel acquired Fisher-Price, sparking remarkable sales growth in the international markets and through product acquisitions, including Thomas and Friends (2009). Disney toys are also marketed under the Fisher-Price brand including lines Frozen, Cinderella and Toy Story. Fisher-Price continues to make early childhood more fun and enriching the brand challenges itself to strive for excellence and to exceed parents’ expectations.

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  • Jane

    Jané was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, and boasts over 75 years of experience in the stroller and nursery industry, having been the industry leader in the Spain for many years. Manuel Jané Vidal proudly created a stroller for his newborn son, Ramon. It caused admiration among friends and neighbours, who in turn encouraged him to build strollers which folded up making them far more convenient. He took his creations to one of Barcelona’s leading department stores and the first orders came rolling in just one week later. Jané began to manufacture folding strollers and continued to produce innovative designs for years.

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  • Kees

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  • KIWY


    Thanks to the designs of Christian Grande, who has envisaged the colours and contours of our most distinguished collections, the technologies that we use to protect our children have now taken on a look of pure Italian elegance and style.


    Our child safety seats constitute true integrated protection systems and are manufactured according to the principles of continuous innovation and relentless research, in order to achieve maximum performance in terms of absolute safety and reliability.


    A veritable workshop, in which the best fabrics and leathers are chosen and artfully processed, and a laboratory in which the most high-performance plastics are selected and tested. For industry-leading elegance, exceptional quality and guaranteed reliability.


    One of the most fundamental requirements for a child safety seat is the comfort that it is capable of providing while traveling. Throughout its entire product range, Kiwy makes use of hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics, as well as seat adjustment systems that can be customized based on the height and the physical characteristics of the child, in order to ensure maximum comfort.

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  • Lindam

    It’s motto, ‘For the Safest Start in Life’, is a bold testament of its commitment and confidence in its safety standards in manufacturing quality driven home safety solutions. In Dec 2013, NPD Data confirmed it was the UK’s number one brand in safety; this is no surprise given its spotless trading history dating back to its origins in 1988 and its proud portfolio consisting of over 60 awards for excellence in its quality nursery range.

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  • Luma

    The brand

    LUMA babycare was born in 2010 as the "sister" of the Dutch brand bébé-jou that has over 30 years’ experience in producing bath and care products for babies and toddlers. Where bébé-jou stands for "familiar", LUMA babycare stands especially for "design, contemporary  and simplicity". This is clearly reflected in the colours, prints and styles of our products. The collections combine well with each other and fit in every nursery.

    LUMA, just a beautiful collection of bath and care products for babies and toddlers!

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  • Munchkin

    Father, venture capitalist, founder and CEO, Steve B. Dunn, established Munchkin in 1991, following the birth of his daughter Beau and identification of a niche for innovative infant and toddler products. Supporting the principle of innovation the Company has invested in over 100 patents, transforming mundane products into clever solutions. Key successes are the ‘Click Lock Cups’ that feature a secure lid for leak proofing that allows parents to see, hear and feel assured the product is correctly closed and ‘White Hot’ technology that alerts parents if an item or environment is too hot for baby including bath water, food and cars.

    Munchkin knows ‘it’s the little things’ in a parent’s life that often make the biggest difference and their successful approach has led to them being recognised with over 120 nursery awards and a turnover in excess of $300mn. It distributes its products to the independent sector carrying over 120 products in stock over infant categories: teething, feeding equipment, bath toys, hygiene and travel accessories.

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  • Philips Avent

    Philips Avent is dedicated to creating, designing and manufacturing the highest quality baby feeding accessories in the world. The Company provides mothers with clinically tested baby feeding products whether she decides to breast feed, bottle feed or combine the two. Over time, the feeding brand has become synonymous with innovation, quality, style and the UK - with 80% of its products, including all soothers, bottles and teats, being made in Glemsford, Suffolk at their factory which employs over 500 British people.

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  • Riko

  • Roan

    ROAN is a family business, passing the experience and traditions from generation to generation. The company was founded in 1970, but its roots go back several years before that. Nowadays, the third generation implements its new ideas to proven solutions, meeting the growing demands of customers.

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